Laurier Slim Guard

Kao Corporation(Tokyo)

Sanitary pads inspired by a traditional technique support women living in the modern world

With today’s social advancement of women, more women are busy with work while actively enjoying their spare time. However, women have periods on a regular basis, which can be depressing. Still, they wish to work normally, wear what they want, and enjoy whatever they like on days off during their periods as well. Laurier Slimguard series supports such needs. It is a sanitary pad series that employs exceptionally thin and highly absorbent pads made based on the production technique of Unryu Japanese paper, which consists of very thin layers of paper. Its thinness also means the pads won’t affect women’s outfits as much, so they are free to wear anything they like with peace of mind. The sheet has several slits to make it flexible to move around with, ensuring a comfortable fit. Inspired by traditional Japanese technique, this product supports women around the world who are active, whether at work or at play.

Winner’s Voice

ロリエ スリムガードは、「驚きの薄さ」と「高い吸収力」の両方を兼ね備えた高機能な生理用ナプキンです。モレない安心感はもちろんのこと、ごわごわとした違和感のない快適なつけ心地を提供することで、生理期間の不快感を軽減します。ロリエ スリムガードを使うことで、より多くの人が生理中の不安感・不快感から解放され、好きなことをおもいっきり楽しんで頂けると嬉しいです。

Kao Corporation
2018 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Laurier Slim Guard comes in 10 variations of different lengths and scents as follows: Light Day - 38 pads, Heavy to Regular Day without Wings - 32 pads, Heavy to Regular Day with Wings - 28 pads, Very Heavy Day - 19 pads, Heavy Night 300 - 15 pads, Very Heavy Night 350 - 13 pads, Very Heavy Night 400 - 11 pads, Sweet Rose Heavy to Regular Day with Wings - 26 pads, Sweet Rose Very Heavy Day - 18 pads, Sweet Rose Heavy Night 300 - 14 pads
W128×H114×D85 (mm)
*Size for representative product “Very Heavy Day - 19 pads”
Price unspecified by the manufacturer, Sellout price: JPY330 (excluding tax)
*Price for representative product “Very Heavy Day - 19 pads”