Omotesando Beauty Labo Inc. (Tokyo)

“The effects of everyday hair treatments do not last long because they only work on the surface of the hair. We must find a solution to restore the natural beauty of Japanese women’s hair.” Backed by such a strong aspiration of the hairdressers who are engaged in hair treatment on a regular basis, the new treatment Qurtear was finally brought to life by themselves after more than a year of development in pursuit of an improved shine and smooth texture. The main feature is that in addition to hair surface, it also focused on repairing the hair from deep inside by adopting a new way of thinking. What’s more, all components used are water-soluble to maximize the effects of the treatment while its compact size achieved by increasing the level of concentration to reduce the volume makes it convenient to carry. Indulge hair in this reliable hair treatment that helps restoring the natural beauty of Japanese women’s hair.

Winner’s Voice

「とんでもなく高濃度」髪への有効成分の中でも最高なものを、ぎゅーっと濃縮して配合しました。利益重視ではなく、お客様にとって実感のできるような成分をふんだんに使う事で、心から満足していただける商品を目指しています。「感動的な仕上がり」今までのトリートメントでは到底得られなかったような質感です。 サラサラツヤツヤで髪に光沢の出るような成分もふんだんに含まれているためCMのような美髪に感動していただけると思います。「1回目から毎日使いたくなる」1回の使用ではっきりと効果が実感でき繰り返しの使用でさらなる効果を発揮できる処方を組んであります。

Omotesando Beauty Labo Inc.



2018 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
H114×Φ25 (mm)
*including cap
JPY8,000 per item,
*excluding tax

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