Cacao Mizu Yokan

Ovale liaison Co., Ltd (Osaka)

There are only a few artisans in the world who can handle the entire process of chocolate production, from selecting and roasting cocoa beans to making chocolate. Made by a chocolatier who sticks to such a manufacturing method, Cacao Mizu Yokan is a new type of fresh confectionery that integrates Japanese and Western tastes. By carefully choosing the cacao beans, a blend with a deep aroma and flavor is achieved, which is incorporated into mizu yokan, a traditional Japanese dessert made from red beans. As you take a bite, you can enjoy the smooth texture as well as the natural sweetness of the red beans and the rich cacao aroma. Its elegant flavor and subdued sweetness also leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Cacao Mizu Yokan offers a new way of enjoying chocolate, which only a bean-to-bar chocolatier, who takes the utmost care in everything – from sourcing the beans to making the bars – can offer.

Winner’s Voice


Ovale liaison Co., Ltd



2018 1st session Award for Products
One pack (smooth red bean paste, sweet white bean paste) JPY450,
Three packs JPY1,450,
Six packs JPY 2,900,
Nine packs JPY4,400
*All tax excluded

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