"Marumage" Do-It-Yourself Traditional Japanese Hairstyle Kit

Otomo Chisato Design Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

The number of people who want to enjoy dressing up in kimono is increasing both in Japan and abroad. However, one of the things that makes kimono seemingly difficult to approach are the Japanese hairstyles that are difficult to set on your own. “Nihongami style” is particularly difficult – even its simplified version takes an hour to set at a hair salon. In addition, it also makes hair-washing difficult because it requires covering all of one’s hair in a large amount of oil. The Marumage Do-It-Yourself Traditional Japanese Hairstyle Kit provides a perfect solution for such problems: it lets you quickly set your updo in just 10 minutes. Using the Marumage kit is very easy. You simply attach parts made from special hook-and-loop fastener materials, which don’t damage your hair, to both sides and the rear of your head, and wrap you own hair around them to cover the parts. Its excellent usability and the looks you can achieve with it – which you’ll definitely want to share on social media – draw attention from Japanese people and foreign tourists alike. While fewer beauty schools teach how to set Nihongami style nowadays, Marumage plays a part in keeping up the tradition of Japanese hairstyles.

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Otomo Chisato Design Co., Ltd.



2018 1st session Award for Products
Size S (Mage): H90, Φ45×50, Circumference170 (mm)
Size M (Mage): H110, Φ45×65, Circumference190 (mm)
Brown, Black
JPY8,148 (excluding tax)

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