ECOMACO.Co (Nagano)

With the recent growth of the wedding industry in Japan, the rental business for wedding attire has also grown. In this industry, most outdated dresses are incinerated and thrown away. The same is true of “shiromoku,” the all-white kimono commonly seen in Japanese traditional weddings. With this in mind, the SHIROMUKU Yui series was brought to life in the hopes of making something that can convey the traditional values of shiromuku kimono to a greater number of people by recycling them. The company purchases used shiromuku kimonos, which are then unstitched, dyed and embroidered manually one by one by traditional craftsmen in Kyoto. Not only are the shiromoku kimonos recycled, they are infused with sophisticated designs as well as functionality that protects the delicate embroidery from scratches and damage. Born again as items such as pouches that suit modern lifestyles, the shiromoku kimonos will continue to express the tradition and stories behind them to many people around the world.

Winner’s Voice

【education sustainable 次世代へ繋ぐ】ECOMACOは女性の一生に寄り添うライフスタイルデザインを心がけています。「ありがとう」「もったいない」「笑顔」を広げるため、人と自然をつなげる「社会活動」や、子どもや地域の未来に活かす「教育」を行っています。また、アトリエのある長野県の自治体や生産者と連携し、地方創生につながる新たな魅力を創出しています。




2018 1st session Award for Products
W130×H90×D80 (mm), Length of the zipper 200mm
JPY4,800 (excluding tax)
Toba; Pouch/Shiromuku (white), Zipper/Black tape with gold teeth, Lining/Black
Beniaka; Pouch/Shiromuku (white), Zipper/Red tape with gold teeth, Lining/Red
An; Pouch/Shiromuku (dyed with apricot color), Zipper/Beige tape with gold teeth, Lining/Beige
Aotake; Pouch/Shiromuku (dyed with green color), Zipper/Beige tape with gold teeth, Lining/Beige
Awafuji; Pouch/Shiromuku (dyed with blue color), Zipper/Beige tape with gold teeth, Lining/Beige

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