Iwayado Kurashina

Iwayado Tansu Chest Association(Iwate)

Unparalleled crafts imbued with traditional techniques of Hiraizumi that connect the past, present and future

The Iwayado Kurashina series was created by adding a modern touch to the Iwayado “tansu” (chest) – a certified traditional Japanese craft of Hiraizumi in Iwate Prefecture that was listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage site – so that people can easily enjoy the ambience of this traditional masterpiece in modern life. This series of elaborate products imbued with Japanese modern tastes that match today’s lifestyles is created by utilizing the traditional techniques in the production process, including woodworking, urushi (lacquer) coating and metal fittings. In addition to large furniture such as the traditional chest, the product lineup includes over 100 product types in all, such as pot mats, photo stands and desktop goods. Since there are some parts, such as the metal fittings on the backside, that utilize modern methods, the Iwayado Kurashina series is not certified as an official traditional craft of Japan; but because of that, the products can be offered at affordable prices for younger generations. These unparalleled crafts offer a bridge between Japanese tradition and the lives of people in the modern age.

Winner’s Voice

世界遺産平泉の中尊寺金色堂など古くから美しい日本の文化が残る、岩手県「江刺」。岩谷堂くらしなシリーズは、岩谷堂箪笥の職人達が、天明の時代から受け継がれてきたその確かな技術を使って作り出す今日の日本の暮らしの品々です。 杢目が美しく丈夫なケヤキと漆、金具で知られる岩谷堂箪笥は、一棹あるだけでも存在感は抜群です。欧米では、どんなインテリアを設えるかに住人の知性が表れると言われており、客人を招く際に、上質なインテリアでお迎えすることも大切なおもてなしポイントであります。この「岩谷堂くらしな」シリーズは、クラス感のある岩谷堂箪笥の雰囲気を持ちながら、日々の暮らしの中で気軽に使っていただける商品群です。 また、お世話になった方に何かお贈りしたい、そんなシーンにもお役に立てる品々です。

Iwayado Tansu Chest Association
2018 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
110 product types
Main products are pot mat, photo stand, flower vase for desktop goods (about 54 types)
Side table, stool, slipper rack, magazine rack, document box for small interior furniture (23 types)
Table, desk, document chest, and furniture with cabriole leg (33 types)
JPY3,000 - 500,000
*All excluding tax
*Major price range around JPY10,000 for desktop goods, JPY100,000 for small interior furniture and JPY300,000 for large furniture