Kimonos and pure silk sashes of Nishijin-ori fabrics fascinate the hearts of both Japanese people and foreign tourists with their exquisite beauty and elegance. At the same time, however, it is also true that they can be too expensive for a souvenir. The Kimono Tumbler encases pure silk sashes with beautiful patterns, created by using an astonishing number of threads, in a tumbler so that people can casually enjoy the beauty of Nishijin-ori right in their hand at all times. What’s more, these tumblers generously use the sections of the sash with the most beautiful patterns that can only be taken in small quantities from unused pure silk Nishijin. It is a new style of tumbler that fuses Japanese traditional beauty and Western culture, which was only made possible by a long-established kimono shop with 80 years of history in the Asakusa area of Tokyo.

Winner’s Voice


Asakusa Tatsumiya



2018 1st session 商品部門 受賞 商品部門 特別賞 外国人選定員賞
Kimono tumbler (tumbler style): H165×Φ80(mm)
Kimono tumbler (straight mug bottle style): H175×Φ60(mm)
Net weight
Kimono tumbler (tumbler style): 380ml
Kimono tumbler (straight mug bottle style): 220ml
Kimono Tumbler (each for tumbler and mug bottle); “Bi (beauty)” series, “Hana (flower)” series, “Uruwashi (elegant)” series, “Toku (special)” series, “Kiwami (master)” series, “Special limited edition” series
JPY6,000 - 30,000 (excluding tax)
*Special limited editions are not included in the price above

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