Vinegan 4 Pattern Set


On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, Aoyagi Soy Sauce in Fukuoka Prefecture has developed this set of four types of ponzu vinegar as a new product rooted in Aoyagi Town by employing ”plum syrup,” one of the folk medicines that has been used since long ago. The set is comprised of four types of ponzu vinegars (ume, akaume, mikan and yuzu) that use agricultural products originating from Fukuoka and other locations in the Kyushu region. You can enjoy a lingering subtle plum taste under the noticeable flavors and aromas of the various ingredients. In addition, the vivid beautiful colors of the vinegars are brought out without adding any fragrances, preservatives, coloring agents or chemical seasonings. The ideal of making a product that is delicious, healthy and safe is realized by making full use of traditional techniques. Each of these seasonings born from the culture of Kyushu is unique in flavor and can be used in various ways.

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2018 1st session Award for Products
Single item: H200×Φ60 (mm),
Set (box size): W295×H75×D257 (mm)
Ume ponzu (Japanese plum), akaume ponzu (red plum), mikan ponzu (mandarine), yuzu ponzu (citrus fruit)
Single item: JPY760,
Set: JPY2,889
*All excluding tax

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