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Bottles “dressed” in kimono add a glamorous touch to the table

The mainstream way of setting table decorations is usually Western style. But is there a way to seamlessly incorporate something distinctively Japanese into table decorations, and introduce the wonders of Japanese culture to people overseas? To answer that question, a table coordinator with over 20 years of experience specializing in Japanese modern style table settings came up with the Kimono Bottle Cover. The cover uses velcro tape, making it easy for everyone to use, even those who are not familiar with kimono. Since it feels more like “dressing” the bottle rather than just covering it, it will provide a great chance for foreigners who are not familiar with kimono to casually experience Japanese culture. The cover fits various bottles, including wine and champagne, as well as Japanese sake and shochu. Whether it is being used alongside Western or Japanese cuisine, the beautiful kimono bottle cover will add a special touch to any dining occasion.

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2018 1st session Gold Award for Products
First Line; Hakama, Kinsai (black, red, white), Modern (vertical stripe, wave), Classic (temari, sakura)
Premium Line; Samurai, Light, Chacha, Oko, Garasha, One, Senhime
Special Line; Sakamoto Ryoma, Hello Kitty (Maiko, Haregi <Sakura, Yukiwa> )
First Line JPY4,200,
Premium Line JPY3,800,
Special Line JPY4,500 and up
* All excluding tax