Umi no Utage (Deluxe Assorted Shrimp Snack Gift Set)


A delicious snack in which the shrimp’s beautiful appearance takes center stage

How can we make even more delicious shrimp crackers? How can we bring our customers shrimp products that are even more beautiful in color and appearance? These were the thoughts behind the development of Umi no Utage (Deluxe Assorted Shrimp Snack Gift Set). The shrimp contained in this assortment pack are grilled whole in the “ippon-yaki” style, which was achieved after a long period of trial and error. Emphasis was placed particularly on the red color of the shrimp. Because the vivid red color can only be brought out by processing shrimp that are fresh from the sea, northern shrimps (ama-ebi) caught in Hokkaido are processed in a local factory. In addition to the shrimp, all ingredients – including wheat, bareisho potato starch, sugar and salt – are produced in Japan. This shrimp snack made through an encounter between carefully selected ingredients and sophisticated techniques lets you enjoy a pleasant crisp, crunchy texture when you first put it in your mouth, which is followed by the light texture on the inside. Indulge as the delicious flavors and aroma of the shrimp unfold in your mouth. Most of all, the beautiful appearance of the shrimp is so impressive that it stays in your mind after just one glance. This very unique assortment of shrimp confections is perfect as a gift for your loved ones or for special occasions.

Winner’s Voice

どうしたらもっと美味しいエビ菓子ができるか、いかしにてもっとエビの美しい色と姿をお客様にお届けできるか。 「海の宴」は私たちのそんな思いから生まれた、技の集大成です。人との出会いは一期一会。創業以来、152年。私たちの使命は「ほっぺたが落ちるような、美味しいエビ菓子で喜んでいただく」ことです。美味しさを追求していくことだけではなく、おもてなしの心を大切にし、お客様をお迎えできるよう精進してまいります。

2018 1st session Gold Award for Products
Set of 5 bags JPY3,000,
Set of 9 bags JPY4,000,
Set of 13 bags JPY5,000,
Set of 18 bags JPY10,000
(All excluding tax)