ALTY Skincare Brush Series

ALTY Co.,Ltd.(Tokyo)

A blissful cleansing brush that a customer fell in love with and became its seller

For some, the idea of washing your face and skin with a brush might feel a bit awkward. But once you try out this brush, you might change your mind. Its soft, gentle touch and excellent cleansing ability will make you want to keep massaging your skin with it forever. The story behind this product actually has some twists and turns. It was originally produced by a brush-making artisan, but had been discontinued due to poor sales. However, a fan of this brush, who happened to be the president of the company ALTY, found out about the situation, and passionately convinced the artisan to restart production and started selling the brush at the company. The key to creating such a fine brush is a one-of-a-kind machine for refining the fibers, developed by the artisan himself. Instead of melting the synthetic fibers, they are refined one by one by the artisan to achieve very fine tapered tips as well as unique uneven surfaces for catching dirt and impurities, resulting in superb usability.

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ALTY Co.,Ltd.
2018 1st session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
ALTY Facial cleaning brush
ALTY Face & decollete brush
ALTY Mini handle body brush
ALTY Long handle body brush
ALTY Facial cleaning brush JPY3,800
ALTY Face & decollete brush JPY5,500
ALTY Mini handle body brush JPY6,400
ALTY Long handle body brush JPY7,800
(All excluding tax)