Gifu pudding in a Mino-yaki mini-pot


Produced by a historic Japanese restaurant, this Japanese style pudding is made from locally sourced ingredients and pottery carefully selected by the chef, who is very familiar with the products of Gifu Prefecture, including the Mino ware mini-pot, brown eggs from Okumino, Gujo City, and raw milk from the local Minoji milk farm in Higashi-Mino. Inspired by the idea of “using up everything from the roots to the stem,” every part of the product – from ingredients to packaging – was sourced from Gifu, naturally resulting in a delicious taste. The texture is smooth and lightly melts in your mouth, followed by a pleasant sweetness that spreads through your taste buds. The secret to the gentleness on the palate is the use of a Japanese cooking method to solidify the pudding that’s similar to making soymilk chawanmushi, an egg custard dish, instead of using emulsifiers or coagulants. In addition, the pudding is topped with a steamed black beans and gold leaf for an authentically Japanese look. This elegant Japanese-style dessert will be an excellent gateway to all the goodness that Gifu has to offer to the world.

Winner’s Voice

創業より140年余、時代とともに姿を変えカタチを変えて、食を通じた楽しみを提供することが上見屋の役割だと考えます。歴代の当主もそうしてお客様に、癒し、安らぎ、幸福を感じていただけるよう努めてまいりました。 これからも理念は決してブレずに食を介した「心」を提供し続けたいと思います。そのための努力は惜しみません。 今後も多くのお客様のご縁を大切にして邁進したいと存じます。




2018 1st session Gold Award for Products
W70×H85×D70 (mm) Diameter 70mm
Gift box set of three; W270×H92×D95 (mm)
Gift box set of five; W270×H92×D180 (mm)
JPY830 per item,
Gift box set of three JPY2,800,
Gift box set of five JPY4,500
*All excluding tax

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