This guest house is inside an almost 100 year old traditional house that has been renovated to the bare minimum to preserve its natural charm. The doma (a mortared floor), the traditional entrance area that leads to the raised floor of the house, as well as the shoji and fusuma sliding doors create a nostalgic atmosphere that reminds of a grandma’s house from the old days.

The world heritage site of the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range covers a wide area that is impossible to visit in just a few days. Meals are not served at WAGARANCHI, but it has a communal kitchen for guests to use, making it convenient for an extended stay.

English pamphlets are available for international guests, who account for approximately 20% of the total guests, as WAGARANCHI is suited for tourists from abroad who prefer a comfortable, self-catering accommodation convenient for long stays.

There is no bath in the facility so guests are requestsed to use a nearby public bath. Although it may sound like a disadvantage, experiencing the classic public bath as well as dining at restaurants in the neighborhood offers a great opportunity to communicate with very friendly people in Kumano City, which once used to be a fishing village.


2018 2nd session Award for Experiences/Services