Charcoal Grilled Senbei Making Experience

Yamanaka Senbei Honpo (Fukushima)


The senbei crackers you make yourself are flavored only with yomogi herb and salt so as to maximize the taste of just-grilled senbei.Compare the taste to the traditional tamari soy sauce senbei crackers, which are given to participants as a souvenir.

Because the heat from the charcoal grill cooks the senbei to the core, it produces a crisp and light texture while maintaining a a certain amount of fluffiness, which sets it apart from those grilled with gas burners or far-infrared cookers. You can eat freshly-grilled senbei crackers at the shop, or bring them back home as souvenir.

At Yamanaka Senbei Honpo, you can buy senbei crackers grilled on a stove where the charcoal is set up using a special technique that has been used by artisans since the store's founding. By comparing the shapes of the professionally made crackers with yours, you can appreciate the high skills of the artisans.

Kitakara in Fukushima Prefecture boasts a long history of sake brewing, as well as miso and soy sauce production. The area has a wealth of traditional warehouses, known as kura, that sport a distinctive architectural style. Yamanaka Senbei Honpo also has a warehouse like this, built over 100 years ago, letting you experience senbei production in a historic ambience.

Charcoal Grilled Senbei Making Experience

2018 2nd session Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Yamanaka Senbei Honpo