Sasara Gero Hot Springs

Sasara Gero Hot Springs (Gifu)


No matter how many times you visit, a fresh new experience awaits at this exciting hotel. This is because the hotel is constantly remodeling itself, incorporating timber and fixtures taken from traditional houses, and decorating with vintage furniture sourced from overseas. Guests can enjoy unique rooms such as a Japanese-style room designed like a traditional warehouse and antique Western-style rooms.

In addition to rooms especially preferred by female guests, the hotel also prioritizes facilities women may enjoy such as a spa, an esthetic salon, and private baths. The private baths include the “root bathtub” which is made using the root of a giant tree, as well as two types of bedrock baths. It may be impossible to experience all the facilities in one visit!

Indulge in a famous hot spring with a rich history and tradition. The spring quality of Gero hot spring is thick and smooth, and is also known as the “spring of beauty” for its skin improving benefits. Guests can enjoy this wonderful quality water in all the baths including the grand bath, the open-air baths in the guestrooms and the private baths.

Cuisine made from locally produced ingredients is another specialty of the hotel. In addition to the standard course, the Special Hida Beef Meal and earthenware-cooked Ryu no Hitomi (Dragon Eyes), a brand rice of Gero city, are also available. Meals can be enjoyed in-room or in a private room in the hotel restaurant for a secluded dining experience.

Sasara Gero Hot Springs

2018 Experiences/Services Award for Experiences/Services

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