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There are over 4,000 kinds of hikidemono, or gifts for wedding guests, to choose from. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you may bring a gift of choice from another store, making sure your guests get the very best gift.

Though the number of hikidemono delivery services are increasing, it is still not a common custom. To prevent misunderstandings, a message card (at not extra cost) will be handed to guests at the wedding to inform them that their gifts will be delivered at another date.

Our expert staff make sure to pay attention to every detail, including the packacging for shipment. Rather than simply packing the gifts in a box, they make a continuous effort to find ways to pack the gifts beautifully to share the love and happiness of the couples.

Noshi, a special kind of wrapping paper, is attached to each gift and features a poem expressing hope for the future of the bride and groom. The poems are written by a professional writer and will add a special surprise to your guests when they receive your gift.This is included in the service and is available for over 40 delivery locations.

Angel express

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