Kumihimo experience

KTP (Fukuoka)


Only the most authentic materials are used in the kumihimo braiding experience. Silk thread is difficult to come by as craftsmen making them are gradually disappearing. Even so, the kumihimo experience company members are dedicated to creating a true traditional experience and so they visit production sites themselves to purchase them and sometimes even dye the thread themselves.

The tools used are also authentic. There are many types of braiding stands, but only the traditional stands made from cherry wood are used. You can experience real braiding techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation, using the same traditional tools used in the past.

Start by choosing your preferred silk threads. There are over 100 kinds of silk threads, which are already prepared in sets by the staff to ensure beautiful color combinations. You will always be able to find a favorite.

This experience is a fusion of traditional and modern culture. The kumihimo braiding itself is done using a traditional method, but the items you make are modern: bracelets, anklets, and earrings, and so on. It is a perfect instance of traditional techniques meeting modern needs.

Kumihimo experience

2018 2nd session Gold Award for Experiences/Services