The Heian Period Costume Experience

Iyasaka Co., Ltd. (Kyoto)


Expert staff, trained in the art of both the traditional Heian period Yamashina and Takakura styles, will provide an authentic kimono dressing experience. Try it out on your own, as a couple, or with friends and family.

This photo studio is a new service offered by a well-established traditional costume store. Therefore, all the authentic Heian costumes have been faithfully recreated according to the traditional sewing methods, colors, and patterns.

Though the costumes are reproduced with the utmost authenticity possible, some changes have been made for convenience and comfort. Genuine Heian costumes from the period are heavy — some of the women’s Juni-Hitoe costumes weigh more than 20kg! Therefore, light-weight materials have been specially selected to make the costumes more wearable. Some costumes are also offered in pastel colors to match modern styles.

The photo studio resembles the atmospheric Kyomachiya townhouses and is spacious, allowing visitors in Heian costumes to fully enjoy the rustling sound as the hem brushes against the ground. The photo session plans are flexible and your experience will be documented by a highly-skilled photographer who is familiar with both the costumes and the period. Visitors will receive about 100 photos per person.

The Heian Period Costume Experience

2018 2nd session ANA EXPERIENCE JAPAN Special Distinction Award for Experiences/Services Gold Award for Experiences/Services

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