Order Made Chair 『one』

Yuragi-sya Co.,Ltd. (Hyogo)

Inspired by custom order shoe insole technology that has been developed over the years, the made-to-order chair “one” was brought to life as one and only chair in the world created individually to fit one’s body. In the belief that correct posture is essential in maintaining beauty and health, the user’s seat form is measured using a special sponge material, which is then rendered in 3D using the most advanced technology in order to analyze the way each person sits and their physical characteristics. The chair helps maintain an ideal posture and good balance by counteracting any imbalances in the way that the user sits. It helps people of any age to achieve the best posture simply by sitting.

Winner’s Voice

一人ひとりの体の形が違うように、本来椅子の形も違うべきだと私たちは考えます。 お客様の座り方を計測し、手作りで職人の手から世界に一つだけの椅子を作り出します。オーダーメイドチェアを通して、お客様との信頼関係を大切にする。心を込めてお客様のもとにお届けし続けます。

Panelists voice

We believe the form of each chair should be different, just like each person has a unique body shape. By measuring users' seat forms, our craftsmen create one-of-a-kind chairs that fit the each person's body perfectly. We value the relationship of trust that we have built with our customers through our made-to-order chairs, and we take great care in delivering them to each customer.

Yuragi-sya Co.,Ltd.



2017 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
seat height 46.5cm
20 colors
3 wood frame types
Optional studs, shelves and armrests
JPY98,000~(excluding tax)