Maru-yubeshi is made using the finest quality ripe yuzu citrus fruits in their entirety. It is made in the traditional fashion. First of all, the seeds of yuzu harvested in the fall are carefully removed and then the mochi seasoned with secret ingredients is put back inside the yuzu, followed by a steaming process that is repeated a couple of times. Finally, it is let to dry naturally and mature for about six months. Maru-yubeshi is made carefully one by one, striking a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Yubeshi started as a preserved food, which was carried by warriors, and evolved to become a traditional Japanese sweet throughout its long history. Maru-yubeshi can be softened again by heating it up and it goes perfectly with Western ingredients like cheese. Yuzu has its own unique bitter flavor and fragrance emblematic of Japan. It is a sweet that can be enjoyed across wide generations and by people from all over the world.

Winner’s Voice

We take pride in the tradition and craftsmanship of our Maru-yubeshi, a rare and precious treat that can only be made once a year. This sweet delight is loved by many and has been likened to works of art. We put our heart into making this product, bearing in mind that each and every Maru-yubeshi will end up in the hands of a valued customer somewhere in the world.

Yubeshi Souhonke Nakauraya Co.,Ltd.



2017 2nd session Regional Brand Award
Box size: D90cm ×W90cm× H50cm
Net weight
Over 210g
JPY2,500 (excluding tax)

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