Sake Cup Mt.Fuji, FUJIYAMA

Yotsui Co.,Ltd.(Toyama)

A sake cup that reveals the beauty of Japan in everyday goods

Drawing on years of experience in engaging with local industries such as Takaoka bronze ware and fine arts and crafts, Yotsui Co., Ltd is proposing a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle in which people can casually enjoy art in their everyday lives, and produced the “Sake Cup Mt. Fuji, FUJIYAMA” in a joint development with Osaka Suzuki Co., Ltd. Using tin as material, which has high thermal conductivity, skilled craftsmen carefully manufacture each cup by hand. It is colored with urushi lacquer made from natural material, and small indentations on the inner part helps to form fine beer bubbles. The motif of the cup is Mount Fuji, a symbol of Japan that is said to bring good luck. The sake cup is not only functional but also makes a great decorative item for enjoying the four beautiful seasons of Japan.

Winner’s Voice

Feel closer to Japanese arts and traditions while enjoying the country’s food culture with this one-of-a-kind sake cup. There are four sizes of cups designed for different beverages – such as sake, beer, whiskey, shochu and mineral water – and overseas specifications.

Yotsui Co.,Ltd.
2017 5th session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Guinomi Sake Cup
Tumbler (small, medium, large)
Manufactured by Osaka Suzuki Co., Ltd.
Guinomi Sake Cup, Tumbler (small): Black, Blue,[MHK1] Red, White, Yellow
Tumbler (medium and large): Red, Blue, White
Guinomi Sake Cup
JPY5,000 pair set: JPY10,000
Small: JPY8,000 pair set: JPY16,000
medium: JPY12,000
large: JPY15,000
(all excluding tax)