Ellisse Stake/Ellisse Stake Ultimate


These high quality pegs are designed to secure ropes for tents and tarps firmly in the ground for camping and other outdoor activities. While common pegs often bend when driven into the ground, Ellisse Stakes are made from forged steel and are extremely heavy duty and resistant to bending. Their unique oval shape helps to penetrate hard surfaces while holding themselves firmly without rotating in the ground. To pull them out, simply twist the peg 90 degrees to create space around the rod: it’s easy enough for children to help out as well. The pegs come in eight bright, easy-to-spot colors that stand out in the wild to keep you from tripping over them or leaving them behind. These small touches are the epitome of the Japanese spirit of omotenashi.

Winner’s Voice

The pegs are made using Japan’s traditional forging manufacturing method. These colorful and easy-to-use pegs were born from a combination of tradition and innovative design. We hope to deliver our omotenashi spirit through heavy duty forged steel pegs that will bring a smile to people's faces while they use them.



2017 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Ellisse Stake(18cm, 28cm, 38cm)
Ellisse Stake Ultimate 28cm
Ellisse Stake (77gm, 192gm, 346gm)
Ellisse Stake Ultimate 192gm
8 colors variations for Ellisse Stake and 1 color for Ellisse Stake Ultimate
JPY300~800 (excluding tax)