isozaki bag Cocoon

Y2 office (Tokyo)

The “isozaki bag Cocoon” is made from “kireji,” or fabrics woven for mounting art, decorated with traditional Japanese patterns often found in hanging scrolls, a Buddhist priest’s stole or pouches used in tea ceremonies. Kireji fabrics, made from the stage of dying each piece of yarn, hold deep meaning in their style, color and pattern that goes beyond just the visual design – they represent various aspects of Japanese culture and history. Kireji’s traditional patterns include the elegant Yusoku monyou found in belongings and furnishings used by aristocrats, and the ancient Kisshou monyou believed to drive away troubles and invite good luck. Beautifully integrating these patterns into modern and stylish design, the Cocoon bag is a great piece to go with both traditional Japanese and Western fashion. Another original feature is the bag’s handle, which is made from acrylic material used in jewelry, and tucks the kireji fabric in between. This unique bag is a fusion of tradition and modernity that transforms Japan’s traditional culture into a new form.

Winner’s Voice

The kireji fabrics used in isozaki’s bags represent the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which values imperfection and simplicity, a concept that Japanese people have forgotten over time. By giving this kireji a new design and function as an everyday-use item, we hope to inherit Japan’s traditional culture in a new form and introduce it to the world.

Y2 office


2017 2nd session Award for Products
W32 x H31 x D20cm (including handles)
Nando, Sakura, Light Brown
JPY43,000(Light Brown)
All excluding tax

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