organic cotton mask

Way-Out Inc.(Ehime)

A cotton mask made with quality materials that prevents ear pain

An organic cotton mask gentle to the skin, made with gauze-woven organic cotton. Silver thread μ-func (a coined word that combines “μ,” which represents 1/1000mm and “function”), which is drawing attention for its anti-bacterial, deodorizing and anti-static effects, is interwoven into the weft thread for the part that guards the mouth. The gauze mask keeps eyeglasses from fogging while preventing breathing difficulties and ear pain, which are the weaknesses of a normal masks. The string of the mask is tied in a special way so as to enable easy adjustment while avoiding ear pain. In addition, unlike conventional masks, this organic cotton mask is eco-friendly, as it is washable and can be used many times, which enhances its product value. Using cotton fabrics of certified Imabari towel products, the masks are dyed with subtle colors of plants and true indigo (hon-aizome) while food additives such as alum are used for dye mordant to ensure safety.

Winner’s Voice

We have placed an emphasis on safety, security and user friendliness by using organic cotton even for the string of the mask while interweaving with silver thread in order to retain anti-bacterial, deodorizing and anti-static effects. The string is tied in a special way so as to enable easy adjustment while avoiding ear pain. We hope our customers can enjoy the softness and comfort of our gauze masks as well as the subtle colors of the natural dyes.

Way-Out Inc.
2017 3rd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Child size, S, M, L
Five different colors
Natural, Pink, Blue, Beige, Gray, Hon-aizome
JPY1,600(excluding tax)
Hon aoizome: JPY2,400(excluding tax)