Roasted Brownrice coffee


This brown rice coffee is made using Japan’s traditional “charring production method,” passed down from olden times and known as a natural ingredient cooking method to restore energy. The coffee ingredient, which took a whole year to develop, is the best Koshihikari rice cultivated at the company’s organic farm. After being roasted in an earthenware pot for about two hours, the heat slowly penetrates deep inside the rice, drawing a toasty flavor from the brown rice that is similar to coffee. Developed to offer a safe food that even children can eat with peace of mind, this gluten and caffeine-free coffee is a healthy choice.

Winner’s Voice

The rice we use is cultivated in our rice fields, which are situated in a clearing that is home to fireflies, in Sano, Tochigi. Our product development is based on the idea of only creating safe food that we would let our children eat with peace of mind. This additive-free Roasted Brownrice coffee is hand made by roasting brown rice in an earthenware pot.



2017 4th session Award for Products
Net weight
200g(20g pack × 10)
JPY1,800 (excluding tax)