The Miracle Towel®:Super Marshmallow®


The Miracle Towel®: Super Marshmallow® is produced by UCHINO CO.,LTD a well-established company dedicated to towel-making that boasts a history spanning 70 years. By weaving thin, soft yarn into dense pile (the part whose surface looks three-dimensional when viewed the towel edge-on), superb softness and lightness were achieved despite its volume. Absorbency and breathability have been enhanced by allowing more air to circulate in the towel and leaving a wider space between the yarn and the fabric when weaving. Created by placing emphasis on the materials and production method, these towels can be used with peace of mind even by those with sensitive skin. The towels have been designated Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1, the most stringent international quality standard, which certifies that the towels are free from harmful substances. In addition, the towels have been drawing attention for being recommended by the Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association. Created by Uchino, which continues to make efforts in developing new materials while conducting research on manufacturing technologies, The Miracle Towel®: Super Marshmallow® is a product that surely brings pleasure to its users.

Winner’s Voice

We redefine bath time as the time that passes between taking a bath and going to sleep, and our goal is to offer products that help you stay healthy and beautiful, and lead to an enriched life through a pleasant bath time. The surprise you get by touching our super light and soft towel, and the pleasure you feel as you use it – it is our omotenashi to provide our customers with exceptional comfort through these towels.




2017 3rd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Bath towel: Approx. 70×140cm
Small bath towel: Approx. 50×100cm
Face towel: Approx. 34×85cm
Guest towel: Approx. 34×40cm
W (White)
BE (Beige)
BG (Blue Green)
BGY (Blue Gray)
V (Violet)
Bath towel: JPY6,000
Small bath towel: JPY3,500
Face towel: JPY2,000
Guest towel: JPY1,000
*All excluding tax

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