YOBOTY Inshu Washi Paper Series

TSP Co., Ltd. (Tottori)

YOBOTY Inshu Washi Paper is a series of accessories and household goods created using inshu-washi, a traditional Japanese craft that has been made for over 1,300 years in Tottori Prefecture. Inshu-washi paper is carefully strained and the fibers become finer, producing a delicate but strong paper. Earrings made with Inshu-washi paper retain the lightness and softness of washi paper, so that even with a slightly larger design they feel light on the ear. Due to the unique characteristics of washi paper, even when it gets wet, the fibers do not swell or break easily – you can apply your favorite fragrance to the earrings and they become a one-of-a-kind accessory, releasing the scent as you wear them. Now that the Japanese “kawaii culture” is gathering popularity globally, Inshu-washi items are not only a fusion of traditional crafts and contemporary culture but also a bridge that connects Japan to the world.

Winner’s Voice

Inshu-washi is a cultural tradition that boasts over 1,300 years of history. Light-weight accessories made from this durable paper, with its delicate colors, and its unique shapes and textures can only be created by the hands of skilled craftsmen. Applying your favorite fragrance makes them even more attractive, and they also make a perfect gift. We will continue to explore the design potential of washi paper from every angle.

TSP Co., Ltd.


2017 4th session Award for Products
Wall clock Yui W110mm × H110mm
Senbun no ichi Φ350mm
Lighting Tall type H307mm ×Φ100mm
Dome type H85mm×Φ110mm
Earrings W18mm× H30mm 〜
Wall clock From JPY5,000
Lighting From JPY2,000
Earrings From JPY1,200
*All excluding tax