denim kimono


Bringing Japanese culture closer to the world with the denim kimono

Denim kimonos, which were created by customizing Japan’s traditional kimono into casual wear, were brought to life as a response to requests from people around the world for a casual version of the kimono that could be worn for everyday use. Since it is made of denim fabric, the kimono is reasonably priced and can be easily washed. In addition, unlike traditional kimonos, denim kimonos can be worn in one’s own unique style. For example, you can wear it on top of a T-shirt or sweater, customize it with badges and decorations of your choice, or enjoy the color fading that is unique to denim fabrics. This new generation of kimono conveys Japanese culture to the world, while also offering an opportunity for Japanese people to rediscover the greatness and charm of this traditional item.

Winner’s Voice

Our denim kimono is made with a thinner denim fabric, placing an emphasis on creating a kimono that can be worn casually and daily throughout the year. It is partially distressed by hand for a natural finish. It is our hope to bring Japanese culture closer to people – not only in Japan but also around the world – through our denim kimono.

2017 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Ladies, Mens
※Regular, distressed
Ladies (free size)
Mens (M, L, LL)
Regular JPY8,148 (excluding tax)
Distressed JPY9,075(excluding tax)