Kaisen ranman

Takida Enterprise Co., Ltd.(Fukui)

Senbei made with abundant seafood that imparts the feeling of the ocean

Kaisen ranman is made using plentiful seafood such as shrimp, squid, crab and seaweed, with the hope that people will become more familiar with seafood. In order to offer the full flavor of the ingredients, the flavorings, such as miso and soy sauce, are carefully selected to match the seafood. Each senbei is topped with a generous amount of seafood and made in a way so you can feel comfortable with seafood even if you live far from the ocean. The crispy texture, and the variety of flavors, let you enjoy each cracker to the last bite, making them good snacks or appetizers to accompany alcohol. They are fun to share with family, and the colorful packaging with illustrations of different seafood make Kaisen ranman an ideal gift.

Winner’s Voice

Our predecessors were fishermen who had an in-depth knowledge of the fishing grounds in the Japan Sea. We reflect that experience and wisdom of the ocean, which has been handed down through generations, in our senbei. As a gift from nature's blessed ocean, we make our products with care so they will be received with pleasure.

Takida Enterprise Co., Ltd.
2017 5th session Award for Products
Nori, squid, wakame, tai (sea bream), sweet shrimp, shrimp with miso, crab, clam, sea urchin, firefly squid, shrimp with sesame, jako (dried baby sardines)
From JPY1,000 (excluding tax)