takenaka kinsai (Kyoto)

Glass markers –Aya- were made to allow the enjoyment of Kyo-Yuzen kimono fabric, with kinsai decorations, on the table. Amid the shrinking kinsai market, in the hope of handing down the technique, using it to make a glass marker was brought up to add elegance to the celebration table. A kinsai craftsman who has over 50 years of experience finishes each marker by hand using kimono fabric. The glass markers with auspicious and celebratory design patterns add a touch of Japanese spirit and glamour to ceremonies and parties. The markers are finished with water-repellent coating so liquids can be cleaned away just by wiping the surface. The Japanese traditional kinsai and Kyo-Yuzen items are recommended for use at weddings and other glamorous events.

Winner’s Voice

We use gold and silver foil to decorate kimono fabrics. The traditional patterns that are mainly used have unique messages, such as longevity, abundance and warding off evil, and they also seem to represent the Japanese landscape, culture, and spirit. Our glass markers add a touch of elegance to modern buffets or international ceremonies and parties.

takenaka kinsai



2017 5th session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Size S: Φ54mm
Size M: Φ66mm
Size L: Φ78mm
Colors and patterns may differ depending on the textile
From JPY750 per item (excluding tax)
Boxed set of six: From JPY3,800 (excluding tax)