Shrimp Miso Soup

Takai Shoten Corporation(Niigata)

Shrimp miso with abundant Niigata Namban shrimp broth for soup and seasoning

Shrimp Miso Soup of Takai Shoten is made by blending concentrated and flavorful broth from red shrimps called “Namban shrimps,” a local specialty of Niigata, with Echigo miso that is known for its rich aroma and taste. Approximately 51 shrimps are used in one package, in order to bring out the umami of the shrimps without adding any chemical seasonings. Simply by dissolving it in hot water, you can enjoy the high-quality and rich taste of this Shrimp Miso Soup. In addition, it can also be served as a seasoning for a wide variety of cuisines including Japanese, Chinese and Western, and it can be enjoyed by all age groups and nationalities.

Winner’s Voice

Please enjoy our Shrimp Miso Soup, which is a local product and an essential part of the culinary culture of Niigata that uses a broth cooked with time and care in order to extract the rich flavor of the shrimps.

Takai Shoten Corporation
2017 1st session Award for Products
JPY730 (excluding tax)