LOG - more trees LEATHER Speaker -


A Yezo shika deer leather audio system that offers a perfect blend of design and sound for every space

The “LOG – more trees LEATHER Speaker –“ is an audio system made using the leather of Yezo shika deer, which lives in Hokkaido. While conventional speakers use hard materials such as wood or metal for the body, the soft Yezo shika deer leather enclosure reduces vibration, reverberation and resonance to the smallest amount possible. The original pure sound is reproduced, filling the space as if the music was being performed right in front of you. The sound spreads evenly throughout the space, so you can hear it perfectly no matter where you are in the room. The innovative and simple cylindrical design fits in all kinds of decor. More than 100,000 yezo shika deer are captured annually to prevent damage to the forest. The product is considered a social contribution item, utilizing leather that would otherwise go to waste.

Winner’s Voice

Sounds are invisible. We have been selling our products through our EC site, which is a challenge for us. It is our hope that this award will lead us to develop sales channels where customers can actually experience the sound of these speakers.

2017 5th session Award for Products
JPY90,000 (excluding tax)