Tochinomi Baked Apple Pudding

Natural Yeast Bread & sweets Rhythble(Tochigi)

Mellow pudding made of selected ingredients from Tochigi that conveys local charm through its rich flavor

Tochinomi Baked Apple Pudding is made using ingredients from local producers of Tochigi Prefecture including eggs (Nasu Goyouran), milk (Senbonmatsu farm) and apples (Asakawa Ringo-en). It is a product that was born from the developer’s passion to make a pudding representative of Tochigi. Once you put it in your mouth, the pudding lets you enjoy the rich, deep flavor of the egg as well as a smooth flavor unique to an “appareil” made by the kneaded apples. Other delicious flavors, such as sweet local honey, are mixed in and it is baked in Mashiko-yaki pottery, also representing Tochigi. It is the manufacturer’s hope that the passion and thoughtfulness that went into making this pudding will lead customers to visit Tochigi one day.

Winner’s Voice

We only use local ingredients, so we know our producers. Also we integrate our producers’ thoughts about their products and reflect these in our pudding. If we were not determined to use these specific apples, eggs, honey or milk, we would be able to produce a larger amount of pudding, but we value these producers and ingredients because we know what kind of pudding they will make. We would be pleased if some people visit Tochigi after eating this pudding.

Natural Yeast Bread & sweets Rhythble
2017 5th session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY1,200(excluding tax)
*Limited sales (From around late September to around late May)