Suzuki industry Co., Ltd.(Gifu)

A cutting-edge spoon that instantly softens ice cream, bringing convenience to everyday life

WARM TECH ice cream SPOON is a special spoon that allows you to eat the rock hard ice cream without waiting. The secret lies in the use of cutting-edge carbon fiber material with high heat conductivity. It is actually made of hundreds of thousands of carbon fibers that are the thickness of one-tenth of a human hair. After being molded using a water jet processing machine, the surface is finished by craftsmen. The warmth of your fingers is instantly conducted to the tip, so the spoon immediately softens the ice cream only where you have inserted it, allowing you to enjoy a creamy, smooth texture. The development began focusing on the high thermal conductivity material used on satellites and airplanes. Since expensive ice cream contains less air, it can become rock hard. With the WARM TECH ice cream SPOON, a comfortable and luxurious dessert time is available any time.

Winner’s Voice

While created using the most advanced technology, all of our products are finished manually by our craftsmen. All items are visually inspected before being shipped to customers. Instead of using automation, which would allow us to make large quantities at once, we stick to hand-making our products with care and close attention. This is our form of omotenashi.

Suzuki industry Co., Ltd.
2017 5th session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
JPY5,000 (excluding tax)
With spoon case: JPY10,000 (excluding tax)