Hifumi-an Japanese cooking salon

Hifumi-an Japanese cooking salon (Tokyo)


The menu is planned by matching seasonal ingredients with Japan’s traditional festivals such as “Tango no sekku" (Children’s day) or “Tanabata" (Star festival). Using seasonal ingredients is based on the wisdom of our predecessors, such as serving summer vegetables that have a body cooling effect.

Even though the lesson is held by a chef who is a key figure in the world of Japanese culinary, the class has a friendly feeling, as the salon puts its main emphasis on the joy of cooking. While eating dinner after the meal, participants can learn the history and traditions behind annual Japanese festivals.

The students only do the cooking preparation. The actual cooking is done by Mr. Takamitsu Aihara, Hifumi-an’s owner chef and a cooking teacher.

Beautiful arrangement is one of the reasons why Japanese food is recognized worldwide as a cultural tradition. Participants can learn "omotenashi" in Japanese cuisine, including the beautiful arrangement of food, the use of Japanese dishware, and seasonal decoration.

Hifumi-an Japanese cooking salon

2017 5th session Award for Experiences/Services

受賞企業名:Hifumi-an Japanese cooking salon