Omotenashi Spray

Risoken Co.,Ltd.(Tokyo)

High quality, safe and powerful disinfectant spray used in hotels, remodeled for home use

Omotenashi Spray is the general home use version of the disinfectant used at hotels and nursing care facilities where thorough hygiene controls are required. The main component of the spray is PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide), which is proven to be effective against bacteria and viruses. However it is odor free, doesn’t cause colors to fade, and is safe enough to be used even in contact lens solutions. While the product is safer than common alcohol-based or chlorine disinfectants, it still has high disinfecting power. It also has excellent deodorant capabilities, as its polymers enclose the source of the odor and suppress the smell. Omotenashi Spray is ideal for use in any situation and place to safely disinfect and eliminate odors.

Winner’s Voice

As numerous disinfectants flood the market, they may stimulate customer interest with designs and catchy phrases, but the actual disinfecting power and usability do not match the sales techniques. Therefore, we are proud to introduce the Omotenashi Spray, which focuses on the chemical that is genuinely effective in disinfecting and neutralizing viruses, and can truly meet the needs of customers.

Risoken Co.,Ltd.
2017 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Spray type (250ml、500m)
Refill (1,000ml)
250ml spray JPY1,000
500ml spray JPY1,500
Refill 1,000ml JPY2,700
*All excluding tax