Topping Dessert ”Natural fruits & tiny little star candy” Handicraft

P.K.C+ Phakchii plus (Niigata)

Natural sweets made by blending four types of fruit representative of Niigata Prefecture – Le Lectier pears, Echigohime strawberries, Echigo persimmons, and apples, which have been hard dried without using any sugar, oil or coloring agent – with Niigata’s traditional Yukari konpeito candies. Yukari konpeito is a star-shaped candy made with a piece of arare rice cracker and covered with syrup. You can enjoy the crispy texture and aroma of rice as you bite into it. Each piece is just 6-7mm in size and is 100% handmade by confectioners. There are three variations available: The white bottle is a generous mix of four types of dried fruit and three types of konpeito candy (mugwort, red bean paste and shiromitsu syrup flavors); the yellow bottle contains Le Lectier pears and konpeito candies (mugwort, coffee and ginger flavors); and the pink bottle is a blend of Echigo strawberries and kompeito candies of shiromitsu syrup and red bean paste flavors. Every variation offers you the pleasure of enjoying a natural, sweet and sour flavor unique to each fruit. It is a new type of sweet that offers a wide range of uses, such as mixing it with yogurt or ice cream.

Winner’s Voice

A combination of handmade, additive-free confection and Niigata’s rare fruits grown with reduced agrichemicals. Our natural sweets allow you to enjoy the products of Niigata’s rich terrain at any time. We can only produce a limited amount, since most of the manufacturing processes involve manual labor, but we hope you get a feel for our sweets with all five senses such as the rich aroma you can smell when you open the bottle, as well as the texture of the fruits.

P.K.C+ Phakchii plus



2017 1st session Award for Products
Diameter 4.7cm x Height 13.0cm (including bottle cap)
Net weight
Three color variations
White (Niigata Apple, Pear, Persimmon, Strawberry)
Pink (Echigohime)
Yellow (Le Lectier)
JPY1,200 (excluding tax) per bottle
Gift set (Le Lectier & Echigohime) JPY2,600 (excluding tax)