Pandora Grilled Stone Filling Paulownia Box

Paulownia furniture AZUMA Ltd. (Wakayama)

The “Pandora” Grilled Stone Painted Paulownia Box was born with a goal of invigorating the declining Japanese manufacturing industry and conveying the technology that is unique to Japan. It is made by applying the traditional manufacturing techniques of Kishu kiri dansu (paulownia wood chests) and the proprietary “yaki-kiri” technique. The yaki-kiri technique, which is commonly employed in kiri dansu production, is combined with a new finishing method using kakishibu (persimmon) powder, to bring out a new paulownia wood texture. In addition, the abundant use of urushi lacquer on the paulownia makes the box highly durable. While more than 90% of lacquer items are painted with artificial paint and then finished with real urushi coating, Azuma furniture uses only urushi coating throughout the manufacturing process. This is an item that conveys the spirit of the Japanese manufacturing process and displays the technology that Japan is proud to pass on to future generations.

Winner’s Voice

We value two factors above all else: the material and the technique. We faithfully adhere to the words left by Haruo Azuma, our third generation president. In this era where low-margin, high-volume business style has become the mainstream, we continue using only the best materials and still make our products one by one, never compromising on quality. This is how we express our omotenashi spirit.

Paulownia furniture AZUMA Ltd.



2017 3rd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Only black is available at the moment with more color variations to come in future
JPY200,000 (excluding tax)