Patisserie Merci(Tochigi)

Pudding that combines Tochigi’s rich eggs and top-quality strawberries

TOCHIGI NO ICHIGO PUDDING is made from award-winning Ranmeisya brand Mahoran Gold eggs and topped with plenty of strawberry sauce from Tochigi Prefecture. The eggs are produced by hens raised with feedstuff mixed with over 30 ingredients, and were once selected as the best egg in Japan. These eggs are worth a whopping 50 yen each, which is apparent in their profoundly rich taste. A generous amount of egg yolk and fresh cream are combined, and the item is finished with plenty of strawberry sauce from Tochigi, which is the largest strawberry producer in Japan. The sweet and sour sauce made from local Tochiotome-brand strawberries has a brilliant red color that is enjoyable in appearance as well. This pudding, made with high quality ingredients selected by a pâtissier, is a treat that allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of eggs and strawberries in one spoonful. This is a must-eat for anyone traveling to Tochigi.

Winner’s Voice

The name of our shop is “Patisserie Merci.” Merci means “Thank you” in French. Like the name, we are making confectionaries that express our gratitude toward everything, which is our omotenashi.

Patisserie Merci
2017 5th session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY417 (excluding tax)