Home Fragrance


Hand-made home fragrances offering the omotenashi spirit through a delicate aroma that's unique to Japan.

This is a handmade collection of home fragrances created using fine and rare scents. Made by a perfumer who was trained at the well-known institute of perfume in France, Cinquième Sens, fragrances such as “Fleur de Wasabi” and “Mizubasho” were created by combining aromas inspired by Japanese gardens and the transparency of refreshing sake. The creation process of fragrance is similar to that of composing a piece of orchestral music, wherein the beautiful sounds made by each instrument combine to create beautiful music. The fragrance changes its tune from top notes, middle notes and base notes as time goes by. In addition, out of concern for the environment, the products are sold without packaging. A home fragrance unique to Japan, packed in a simple bottle that allows it to be enjoyed at home or when traveling.

Winner’s Voice

PARFUM SYMPHONIE offers a pleasant harmony. The fragrance, which is inspired by rich music and beautiful nature, creates an aromatic melody that becomes softer as time passes. The simple bottle features a design that captures the harmony of scent and music. Please enjoy our "scent of omotenashi," which will become deeply engraved in your memory.

2017 3rd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Net weight
JPY10,000(excluding tax)