Osaka Optical Glass(Nara)

Protect your eyes from the sun with these domestically-made, genuine sunglasses using glass lenses

THINGLASS has been made using color glasses and frames made in Japan with an aim to make genuine sunglasses with glass lenses. Made using the same kind of the manufacturing technology employed for special glasses used for camera filters, the lenses offer high resolution and clear vision while boasting a durability that is 10 times more than that of sunglasses made with plastic lenses. Break resistance and thinness were also achieved through chemical reinforcement treatment. THINGLASS sunglasses provide users with various advantages – they can maximize their potential as a tool to protect the eyes from the sun, which is the essential purpose of any pair of sunglasses.

Winner’s Voice

Our manufacturing is focused on glass, a material that has little presence in today’s eyeglasses industry. Glass lenses produced in Japan are costly; therefore, from the point of view of a seller, it may not make sense to actively use them for products. However, we believe that the high quality and the long lifespan of glass lenses offer great value for customers. Offering top-quality products while thinking from the customer’s perspective is the concept of our omotenashi.

Osaka Optical Glass
2017 1st session Award for Products
JPY35,000 (excluding tax)