Okagaki Shikkiten Inc. (Ishikawa)

SHURING is a wajima-coated charm, which attaches with a magnet and is designed to fit around wine glass stems. These charms were developed with the idea that wine glasses are suitable for enjoying the aroma and taste of sake, and it is not so unusual to see sake served in wine glasses at a restaurant. Despite being a traditional Japanese craft, urushi-lacquer-coated products are not widely used. SHURING offers Japanese tradition in a palm-sized, portable charm. The charm has been coated in multiple urushi lacquer layers and is then highly polished, providing depth and texture, while the magnet inside the wood makes it easy to attach or detach from the glass. When you look inside the glass, you can also enjoy the patterns and colors of the charm, especially the “Makie” series: the light through the liquor hits the gold powder and raden (sea shell), providing a glittering accent. The wajima-coated charm is a thoughtful expression of the Japanese spirit, conceived with the hope of creating a fusion of Japanese sake and Western style glassware, and bringing people together in the process.

Winner’s Voice

These days, wine glasses are not only used to drink wine, but also Japanese sake. The SHURING wine glass charm was born out of the desire to have a more Japanese feeling while drinking sake from a wine glass. Each of them is handmade and a one-of-a-kind product.

Okagaki Shikkiten Inc.


2017 3rd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Diameter: 45mm
Plain series available in seven colors (Rin, Japan, Lapis lazuli, Sky, Bamboo, Orange, Peach)
Maki-e series available in four patterns (Mount Fuji, Namichidori, Rice grain, Moon rabbit)
Wood-base finish, JPY5,000
Plain series JPY10,000
Maki-e series JPY15,000
*All excluding tax