Nissin Shokai co,.ltd.(Okinawa)

Changing the conventional image of the traditional garment, these Kariyushi clothes boast an elegant, soft texture, and are perfect for a party.

Nissin Shokai’s MAJUN brand Kariyushi garments are uniquely Okinawan, and are designed to be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Kariyushi garments are similar to Aloha shirts, but to be Kariyushi it must be manufactured within Okinawa Prefecture, and feature patterns that represent distinctly Okinawan elements. Kariyushi has been worn mainly as men’s summer casual wear, but the need for women’s items has increased due to the recent resort wedding trend. The casual Kariyushi’s colorful and gorgeous design has become popular, which led to a development of multiple style variations, from classic shirts to tunics and dresses. In the pursuit of not only excellent design, but also superb durability and comfort, the seams are finished in such a way that it prevents the stitched edge from touching the body. “Kariyushi” means happiness in Okinawan, which makes these garments the perfect thing to wear for a celebration, as well as a casual day at the resort. Boasting high quality and excellent durability, Kariyushi garments are clothing that truly represents the Japanese omotenashi spirit.

Winner’s Voice

We make clothing that is comfortable to wear even during warm Okinawa summers, while incorporating designs and patterns that are unique to the region. In recent years, the number of tourists attending resort weddings in Okinawa has been increasing, and more guests come to weddings dressed in Kariyushi wear. We are focusing on producing more products such as dresses, for which we have received many requests from customers.

Nissin Shokai co,.ltd.
2017 3rd session Award for Products
Ladies', Men's
Men’s: S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.
Women’s: S, M, L, XL, Free
JPY3,700 ~JPY22,000 (excluding tax)