Technology Award


Nihon Unisys, Ltd.(Tokyo)

Multilingual service to help convey the allure of Japan to foreign customers

WaviSaviNavi® is a multilingual hospitality support service for tablets and smartphones that enables restaurants and foreign tourists to transcend cultural and language boundaries. The menus of each restaurant are translated into multiple languages, and the service provides not only literal translations of the menu items but also the characteristics of the dishes, such as “refreshing taste using vinegar.” Information on how to communicate in restaurants in Japan is also provided, such as how the ingredients are brought from the market, how to eat them and how to order, as well as phrases like “Can I get a check?” and “Can I have some water?” Videos can also be uploaded. This is a service that can lead to new customer acquisition by making things easier for foreign customers by communicating restaurant information more correctly and in detail.

Winner’s Voice

We visit each restaurant and individually create a report for the posted contents. In addition to menus, information the restaurant wants to convey, like the freshness of ingredients, cooking methods and how to eat the dishes, can be expressed clearly along with photos and videos. Translations are handled by professional English-native staff, so the content is easy for foreigners to understand. We can help your foreign customers enjoy Japanese food and culture by removing the language barrier.

Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
2017 5th session Omotenashi Technology Award
JPY15,000 monthly (excluding tax) per store