Awajishima Onionsoup Series

Naruto Chidori Honpo Co., Ltd. (Hyogo)

This ready-to-eat soup is brimming with the sweet onions that Awaji Island is famous for. The decorative package, featuring a golden onion, was designed to convey at first glance that this is onion soup. The soup is loaded with sautéed onions that are slowly cooked and caramelized to a golden brown, condensing the rich flavor. The consommé base took a year of product planning before perfecting the rich, mild taste. The resulting product is an authentic onion soup that can simply be heated to enjoy. The soup is also convenient to use for preparing dishes such as curry so that you can save the time you might spend sautéeing onions until they are browned. This is a great product that lets you easily enjoy the Awaji Island’s famous onions.

Winner’s Voice

Our products are generally sold and distributed in souvenir shops around Awaji Island. We hope to bring this product to an even wider market upon being chosen for the Omotenashi Selection.

Naruto Chidori Honpo Co., Ltd.



2017 5th session Award for Products
Net weight
150g×2 pieces
Golden Onion Soup,Glorious Isle Onion Soup
Golden Onion Soup JPY600 (excluding tax)
Glorious Isle Onion Soup JPY800 (excluding tax)