awaji orange stick

nagate choueido Co., Ltd.(Hyogo)

A sweet that delivers a new flavor, made using Awaji Island’s rare Naruto oranges and chocolate.

Awaji Orange Stick is made of candied orange peel, using Awaji Island’s specialty Naruto oranges, which are then carefully dipped in Belgian chocolate. Naruto oranges, which are native to Awaji Island, is characterized by their bittersweet flavor, natural acidity and refreshing aroma. It is a very precious fruit as it only grows on the island. Candied Naruto orange peel is called “Naruto-zuke” and has long been loved as local sweet. In order to enhance their attractiveness, chocolate was used to create a sweet like candied orange peel, which is popular in Western countries. It is coated about half way, allowing you to fully enjoy the color and aroma of the rare Naruto orange. Each orange peel is carefully dipped in chocolate by hand, while paying close attention to the temperature of chocolate. The smooth texture of chocolate and the vivid orange color is visually elegant, and perfect for a gift. The orange peel, with sparkling sugar grains, bends gently when you hold it with your fingertips. The bitterness and sweetness harmonizes perfectly in your mouth.

Winner’s Voice

淡路島産の鳴門オレンジの皮を密漬けしスティック状にカットして職人が一本づつ丁寧にベルギー産チョコレートでくるんだ味わい豊かなお菓子です。 大量生産にこだわらず手作業で真心こめてお作りしております。これが私たちのおもてなしです。

nagate choueido Co., Ltd.
2017 3rd session Award for Products
75g: JPY648 (including tax)
For gift 100g: JPY1,200 (including tax)