Nagasakino Rojiura cafe (Nagasaki)

GIFT POPCORN contains an abundance of healthy and delicious ingredients such as tea leaves, vegetables and fruits of Nagasaki. Stimulate your senses with the wide variety of colors and one-of-a-kind flavors including castella sponge cake, coffee, Nagasaki chanpon noodle and Sasebo burger. But rest assured, there are no artificial coloring or antiseptics used. On the vivid colored package, there are green flowers that symbolize peace, red flowers for beauty and purple flowers for orchids, as well as the image of stained glass of churches, which are famous landmarks of Nagasaki. The compass logo expresses the historical significance of the city, where numerous overseas cultures arrived by ship through Dejima, an artificial island that once existed in Nagasaki. Through this product, you can feel the history of Nagasaki that has continued, presenting Japanese omotenashi to other countries sooner than anywhere in Japan.

Nagasakino Rojiura cafe


2017 4th session Award for Products
Net weight
Sweet Popcorn,Otumami Popcorn,Yakuzen Popcorn,Premium Popcorn
From JPY500 (excluding tax)