Mikkabi orange fresh honey and hamamatsu chusen tenugui gift


This gift set features newly harvested honey extracted from the famous mandarin oranges cultivated in the Mikkabi area of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, carefully wrapped in an original “tenugui” Japanese towel colored with the local handicraft “Hamamatsu chusen” technique. The honey collected by bees from the mountains of Mikkabi has a fruity and refreshing flavor that is rich with the pleasant scent of the orange flowers. Even though the amount of honey one honeybee can produce in its lifetime is said to be only about one teaspoon, this premium product contains 1,000 grams of the valuable honey. The tenugui fabric used to wrap the honey bottle is made from yukata (a casual summer kimono) fabric produced in Hamamatsu, which is Japan’s leading producer of yukata. Each fabric is carefully dyed by hand to express the beautiful blend of honey and orange. This exceptional set representing Shizuoka’s produce and craft is perfect as a gift for someone special.

Winner’s Voice

This gift set is a fusion of local specialties and traditional handicrafts of the Enshu region in Shizuoka. The all hand-made product embodies Japan’s gift giving culture, which is to offer a gift to convey one’s thoughtfulness. Each honeybee can only collect one teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. Hamamatsu’s chusen coloring technique has also become a valuable asset that only artisans can produce. This product lets you enjoy both the blessing of honeybees and traditional technology.




2017 5th session Award for Products
Net weight
Mikkabi orange fresh honey/per item(1,000g)
hamamatsu chusen tenugui /pere item
JPY7,038 (excluding tax)