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Shodoshima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea known for its mild climate and picturesque scenery. Inspired by the vision to create a local sake that can only be found in Shodoshima, the junmai sake “Hatihati” was born, for which all manufacturing steps – from sake rice cultivation to polishing and brewing – are handled within the island. The sake rice, the heart of sake, is grown on terrace rice fields in the Nakayama area, known as one of the best 100 terrace rice fields in Japan, by planting the “Oseto” brewer’s rice from Kagawa Prefecture. While there are no rice mills specializing in sake manufacturing in Shodoshima, a rice vendor on the island was able to help out and polish the rice to 88% seimai-buai (percentage of original rice that remains after milling), and Morikuni Shuzo’s toji, the expert in sake brewing, put in diligent care and effort to complete the Hatihati sake. Because its seimai-buai is higher than that of standard sake, the flavor of rice is prominent, and its color is a natural yellow shade much like sake of old times. Together with the spectacular scenery of terrace rice fields, the Hatihati sake is something the island is proud to present to visitors from both within Japan and abroad.

Winner’s Voice

Our sake is made in beautiful Shodoshima, which floats on the beautiful Seto Inland Sea with rice grown in famed terrace rice fields that is then brewed by the hands of Morikuni’s toji. Because there are no rice mills on the island, the local rice vendor helped us polish the rice to perfection. Without the support of the people of the island, we could not have made this genuinely local sake. We are proud to deliver our Hatihati sake made in Shodoshima.

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2017 2nd session Award for Products
15.7cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm
Net weight
JPY815 (excluding tax)

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