MIKURA Vinegar

MIKURA Inc.(Mie)

Brown rice vinegar manufactured in a traditional method for dining tables around the world

Brown rice vinegar “SIZUKA” is made in the traditional method using a wooden bucket, which takes about 100 days to be manufactured. No machines or modern technology are used; it is made from the traditional method of standing fermentation that relies on the power of nature and plenty of time. Only domestically produced brown rice is used to manufacture this completely agrochemical-free vinegar to ensure food safety. The company has developed three types of vinegar: “Mikura vinegar” for enjoying the original taste of vinegar, “Mikura season vinegar” to add to dishes as a seasoning, and “MIKURA” sweet vinegar, which contains fruit juice such as lemon and Muscat grapes that make wonderful pairings with salads and desserts. Brown rice vinegar “SIZUKA” of “Mikura vinegar” is not too sour, has a mild taste and a distinct aroma, making it great for people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of vinegar in various situations.

Winner’s Voice

We are producing naturally brewed vinegar, making use of the hot and humid climate of Mihama, Minamimuro District, which is located at the southern tip of Kii Peninsula of Mie Prefecture. Using a traditional method of producing vinegar in a wooden bucket, we wait for the live microorganisms to ripen the product. This is brewed vinegar that is full of commitment to quality.

2017 5th session Award for Products
Sweet Vinegar MIKURA
70ml (Lemon, Blueberry, Ginger, Yuzu, Apple, Mandarin Orange, Shiso, Unripe Plum)
200ml (Meyer Lemon, Blueberry, Ginger, Yuzu, Apple, Mandarin Orange, Shiso, Unripe Plum)
MIKURA Flavored Vinegar (Umami, Japanese, Seasonal)
MIKURA Vinegar (Black Brown Rice Vinegar “SIZUKA,” Sake Lees White Vinegar “GEKKA,” Sake Lees Red Vinegar “URUMI”)
Sweet Vinegar MIKURA: From JPY600
MIKURA Flavored Vinegar: From JPY450
MIKURA Vinegar: From JPY400
Gift Set: From JPY2,300
(All excluding tax)